Our story

Akin to the annual rings of the tree, Eriwood has a history sprung from youth wood. The company was founded already in 1925 by Erik Johansson (born in 1989) under the name of Erik Johanssons Trävaruaffär. It was then a lumbermill located in Bor just outside of Värnamo.


A little more than ten years later the war broke out and demand shifted, so Erik Johanssons business shifted with it. Erik was called into the army but continued running his business from a rented room in Karlskrona.

In the mid to late forties, export to Denmark was initiated and a very good relationship with a Danish import agent was established. As a result of this, the markets in England and Ireland were suddenly accessible and the sons Stig and Gunnar entered the rapidly expanding business. The times and expansion called for a Telex machine to be installed and the Telex-address assigned was Eriwood.


In the fifties the office was moved to Värnamo and in 1987 the company was purchased by a few of the accountants in the office, there amongst Jan Petersson and Göran Åhlander. Over the years, they had come to realize the potential in trading with timber. In 1991 Jan and Göran divided Eriwood, Göran taking care of export and the up-and-coming English market. Jan catered to Sweden and Denmark.

Today, the company is run by Görans and Jans sons, Jonas Åhlander and Magnus Petersson.

Here is our entire Eriwood crew. Back row on the left is Jonas Åhlander, furthest right Magnus Petersson.
(Absent Sofia Rylander and Jörgen Wendel)

We are very proud of where we are today, and we recognize the many decades of hard work behind our solid position on the market. An important parameter, that has played a vital part in our success, is that we have always been good at networking and establishing personal relations with our business acquaintances. We have managed to find dependable suppliers whose business culture ties well into ours and where trust and confidence is mutual.