Small organization – Huge capacity

The Swedish softwood industry – our home turf

Since 1925 we at Eriwood have been trading in Swedish softwood. Our years in the business has rendered us extensive knowledge about both the market and the products. We have established close collaborations with several of the world’s finest producers of softwood. We handle a wide range of dimensions and qualities in large quantities which makes us an attractive partner. This allows us to deliver the right product at the right time and at an attractive price.

Our organization stands on two legs. One part is run by Magnus Petersson and aimed at trading with Sweden and Denmark as primary markets. The other part is run by Jonas Åhlander, focusing on further processing, mainly for export.

We have established close collaborations with several of the world’s finest producers of softwood.

Long-standing knowledge base and soft values

Eriwood is a family company where knowledge, experience and network has been handed down for generations. We value loyalty and cherish long term relations with our customers and suppliers. Trust and security are important to us as well as both employers and collaborators being satisfied with our values.

Our solid knowledge base and extensive market knowledge makes us a stable partner even as economy shifts. With a staunch foundation to build upon we have the courage to be curious and inventive. We are always open for new collaborations and exciting proposals or ideas.

Flexible supplier

Eriwood is a small supplier fronting a large production. Processing is carried out in true small business spirit by partners all around Smålands woodland. They carry out everything from a simple split to complicated components cut to exact measures with hole drilling and CNC cutting and do not hesitate to take on new challenges or investments.

Together with our suppliers we have the capacity to handle small volumes as well as large, short projects and long-term commitments.

Environmentally committed and climate smart

Wood is a climate smart material and all the timber that Eriwood supplies fulfills Swedish forestry- and environmental-legislation as well as FSC® – and PEFC-rules regarding controversial sources. We strive to always use as environmentally friendly options as possible when it comes to production, packaging and transporting our products.

We are certified both according to FSC® and PEFC and our certificates can be found here

Voices from our partners

“Eriwood has been a business partner of ours for a very long time, primarily on the Swedish market. They have solid know-how and a wide network which makes it natural for us to choose them as our sales channel for the Swedish market. I look forward to our continued collaboration for years to come.”



CEO Rödins Trä

“During all my active years at planing mill, Eriwood has been present as a flexible business partner. They deliver with a high level of service and personal treatment. Working with Eriwood means we have access to a reliable and responsive problem solver. A solid partner who is well established and understands the market. Through the years our relations have evolved into a well rooted collaboration that runs smoothly and is characterized by mutual trust.”



purchaser at Valbo Trä

“Working with Eriwood is smooth and simple. Our specification from Kährs is brief, but we purchase huge quantities of one single product. Eriwood solves this problem, regardless of the market situation. Our relationship is professional. Bath parties have been present on the market for a long time. We both know our stuff, which builds trust and credibility.”



purchaser at Kährs