We have been trading in northern redwood for over thirty years. We know what produce suits your industry’s needs. Through the years we have broadened our competence and portfolio and today we deal in both redwood and whitewood from Skåne in the south to north of the polar circle in the north. In consultation with our suppliers we are able to supply tailored solutions for all businesses regardless of size. Bulk, niche or both, we can meet you needs.

Do you have high or unusual demands on your softwood? Are you having trouble securing the volumes you need? Are you in need of a solid long-term supplier who does not fail you when the market is unstable? Whether large or small, well-established or fresh, we can help your business prosper.

We are in daily contact with representatives for a large portion of the Swedish timber industry. Whether you are searching for thirty cubic meters of three different dimensions of three thousand meters of a single variety we can offer you the fastest quotes and the best products at a competitive price point.